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How Our CoffeeMilk Was Born

Thunder CoffeeMilk was founded by two dairy farmers: Dave Temple and Ed Henderson.  These two guys have been friends for years and were excited to go into partnership to make a product they believe in.  Thunder CoffeeMilk solves the problem of convenient nutritious energy without added chemicals and preservatives.  And we provide free express shipping right to your door. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Here’s a little more about the founders.

Dave Temple is a second generation dairy farmer who grew up in Queensland, Australia. While at University he had the opportunity to spend six months on a dairy farm in Florida and so began his love of the USA. Due to some changes in the dairy industry back in Australia, Dave moved to Florida to pursue his dream of dairy farming. He loved so many things about the states – the friendly people, the great roads (and great pick up trucks) – but there were a few things he missed from home.

One of those things was Australian Style Coffee Milk. Super popular in Australia but unavailable in the US. It started Dave thinking that there must be a way to bring his beloved Coffee Milk to the US so that everyone could enjoy it. So he started to come up with a plan.

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A complication to this plan was Dave’s lovely wife Gina. Gina is a veterinarian who works closely with the dairy. She is a coffee milk fan but she is also a bit of a coffee ‘snob’. She only likes the highest quality coffee that is fair trade and sustainable produced. So that determined the coffee that would be used in the Australian Style Coffee Milk.

The Henderson’s are multi-generation dairy farmers. Ed’s dad, and his dad and grandfather used to bottle and sell milk directly to the consumer in Ohio. They loved that they had complete control over the quality of the product that their customers were enjoying. 

Now love can change plans and Ed’s dad followed Ed’s mom to Florida. They have been dairy farming a lifetime together with family taking care of their cows. Today, the farm continues with Ed. his father, his sister, his two brothers and their families. And the next generation taking on the historic challenge.

But they have always missed that close connection that they had with their customers in Ohio and have been looking for an opportunity to tell their story and communicate directly with the public again. Plain milk has become a supermarket commodity so they needed to find a product with a difference.

Avoid the bottomless pit of chemicals and test tube ingredients. Choose a product you can trust.

Avoid fast calories that give you a quick fix, but leave you crashing. Choose a product with wholesome nutrition.

Avoid reaching for a candybar and hiding the wrapper. Choose a product you can be proud of.

Give It A Try Taste for yourself how wonderful CoffeeMilk can be:



“It tastes better than regular cold brew coffee. As a cop who works night shift this will definitely be added to my shift routine to help keep me awake!”
– Rebecca B.

“Creamy & delicious!! Drank the whole thing in less than 3 minutes! LOL ”
– Sarah C.

“A smooth and crisp coffee taste with no bad aftertaste.”
– Ryan H.

“I’m not sure how to explain it but it’s 100% better than Starbucks.”
– James H.

“Amazing quality and taste!! Loved the Vanilla Thundermilk! Need this in more stores!!! Keep up the amazing work!! ”
– Emily C.

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