Australian Farm Online

Australian Farm Online

Dave Temple, a founding partner in Thunder Coffeemilk was born and raised in Australia.  Don’t hold that against him.  He really is a “jolly good bloke.”  But I’m Dave’s friend and I’m lookin’ after what people are sayin’ about him.  I’m Ed Henderson, the other founding partner and Dave’s friend for a good while now.

Dave talks funny.  Just sayin’.  I suppose that is talking about my friend and not simply lookin’ after what other folks are sayin’. But, Dave has a great sense of humor and he makes a lot of people laugh.  Sometimes, we’re laughing just to humor him…

The article listed here is from an Australian magazine.  We would never have made it that far… I mean the other side of the world, Fantastic!  Coffeemilk is part of the culture in Australia.  I can personally say that it is extremely pleasing to have Australians give us the thumbs up when they taste our product.  We know that we have heart in our product.

Check out the article:

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