Australian What?!

Australian What?!

It’s Australian style Thunder Coffeemilk.  In Australia, coffeemilk is the real deal.  More popular than Coca-Cola.  We call it Thunder… “Thunder from Down Under.”

Dave is from Australia.  I’m Ed.  I’m from Florida.  We’ve both been Dairy Farmers our entire lives.  While we were vacationing together, Dave offered up a taste of Australia.  We were sitting on a rooftop in the Florida Keys getting some relief from the brutal daily life of Dairy Farming.  We both love dairy farming but… you still need a break occasionally.

The drink Dave made me was fantastic.  I drank several.  It had enough caffeine to keep me awake all week.  But I was hooked.  We started working on a strategy to introduce this Australian staple to the USA.

As Dairy Farmers, we were looking for some way to sell milk outside of the boring white plastic jugs in the grocery store.  We were looking for something full of energy and vitality, something different, something special.  We went to work jumping through every hoop, window, and door. Whatever it took to make a difference.

We worked on the bottle, the capping, the formula, the entire process.  We wound up with a great tasting product in an aluminum can that is shelf-stable (does not require refrigeration).  Thunder Coffeemilk goes through a retort process which is like a pressure cooker.  The process is not any different than any other ice coffee or canned vegetable or shelf-stable product.

In the end, we have a shelf-stable product in a recyclable environmentally friendly bottle that taste great and is good for you.

Better than that, Australians have sampled our product and really like it.  We know that we have included heart.  Our Australian style beverage made right here in the USA is a new concept for Americans.  We think you’ll like it.

If you’d like to try some, consider ordering our variety pack to sample all of our current flavors.  We’re sure you’ll love it.  And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have zero risk.

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