Get Authentic Australian Coffee

Imagine yourself at a crossroads as you stand before the glass refrigerator doors deciding on the day’s coffee. Rows of ready-to-drink coffee blend together, making for a dull appearance until one can of authentic Australian coffee catches your eye. You feel the energy brewing inside the can, waiting for you to crack it open while you wait to buy.  

After checkout, you snap open the lid and smell the rich aroma of clean, organic ingredients permeating the air. Once the drink touches your tongue, you get a zing of energy mixed with a smooth, creamy follow-through. As you continue to sip down the rest of the can, you hear a slight didgeridoo vibrating in the background. 

The energy you feel sets an even, focused mental state that leaves you ready to tackle the day. You’ve solved hangry.

After the last drip, you take one last look before recycling the can to see the print you’ll never forget after this day:

Thunder Coffeemilk.  

Australian Coffee That Packs The Thunder From Down Under

Perhaps your experience will not be as visceral, but we guarantee Thunder Coffeemilk will hit the spot every time. Thunder Coffeemilk is unlike any other drink out there because we took a different approach to coffee. We made our passion for dairy farming the source of our solution to deliver an authentic coffee-drinking experience. 

Thunder Coffeemilk’s roots started in Australia, where one of our founders, Dave, was born and raised in Queensland. Coffeemilk is a staple in Australia, but when Dave visited the US, he realized that was not the case here. 

Joining forces with long-time friend Ed, they used their dairy farming experience to develop the most authentic Australian coffee on the market. Thunder Coffeemilk is bringing the thunder from down under in one can. 

australian coffee

Australian Coffee by Thunder Coffeemilk vs. Other Coffee Options 

At this point, you have to wonder what makes Thunder coffeemilk better than other coffee drinks. The rich culture that Thunder Coffeemilk embraces is what makes our drink stand above other coffee options. Our drinks put a taste of Australian coffee right in your hands while getting the cleanest energy possible. 

Additionally, other coffee options promise more energy and mental clarity but only leave you burnt out. Thunder Coffeemilk packs an energy blast that can sustain through long periods and eventually ease away with no crash. To achieve this goal, we use whole ingredients, starting with our farm-fresh dairy milk, for the most authentic coffeemilk. 

map made of coffee bean, australian coffee vs the rest

More Than One Way To Enjoy Australian Coffee 

Did you know Thunder Coffeemilk is more than just a drink? It makes for a great foundation to incorporate into delicious baked goods. CoffeeMilk Energy Balls are a great option if you are looking for quick energy.

Get Your Australian Coffee, Thunder Coffeemilk Today

Thunder Coffeemilk Australian Coffee Varieties 


Anyone who wants the best Australian coffeemilk with a well-rounded taste will love Mocha. Our smooth coffeemilk pairs well with decadents of chocolate to provide you with an all-around fantastic taste. Thunder Coffeemilk’s Mocha is the best way for coffee lovers and chocolate enthusiasts to unite!


Bring on the Thunder for those mornings where you just cannot seem to kick the tired. The Thunder Coffeemilk Doubleshot is the best solution for anyone who needs an extra jolt of energy to tackle those busy days.


Our vanilla Thunder Coffeemilk is one of the most satisfying flavors while still packing the punch you want. The creamy vanilla pairs well with our farm-fresh dairy milk and cold brew to give you the best Australian coffee. Additionally, vanilla is the most beloved amongst our coffeemilk fans, who do not love the taste of coffee as much.