Thunder CoffeeMilk Variety 12-Pack

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The variety pack

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Every time you taste the flavor of Thunder CoffeeMilk, you can rest assured, you’re drinking real food made by real people in the US.

Some companies use fictitious symbols of water syrens or pagan gods to communicate an odd sense of cosmopolitan hoopla… while selling burnt dirt flavored water. We don’t do that. We are dairy farmers who know how wholesome real milk can be for you and your family. One of us was born and raised in Australia (our cousins down under) and the other was born and raised in the USA. We love milk, we love coffee, and we love our new Thunder CoffeeMilk product. We’re sure you will too.

Speaking of coffee, we’ve partnered with Cafe Citadella to provide100% Fair Trade Certified Arabica coffee. That’s what we use to make our cold-brewed coffee which ensures every coffee sip is never bitter, but smooth and satisfying.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8.8 × 1.2 in



Double Shot, Mocha, Vanilla

Honest Firstime Reactions

Tasting Thunder Coffeemilk

"It's smooth. I Like it. Not too sweet."  -Annette

"Fancy... (sips) Oh! It's GOOD!! I like it." -Caitlin

"WOW!  This is a real good taste. It is really smooth.  It is very sweet, but not too sweet. I like this. I can see myself drinkin' this a couple of times per day probably." - Collin

"Very creamy!" -Ellie

"It's delicious. Yeah, I can drink all of that right now." -Noah

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