Solve Hangry 


The day starts like any other.

You wake up, and the hunger grumbles begin brewing. Not thinking about you may need to solve hangry later in the day. 

You get ready and rush out the door and into your car to start the day.  Of course, with every intersection you go through, your hangry pangs grows a little more.

Then you come across the worse thing ever: Traffic.

Your stomach starts growling as you sit there idling, waiting for the cars to move. You can feel the morning’s patience wearing thin with each passing second.

You reach down to grab your morning cup of coffee and realize the cup holders are empty! There wasn’t enough time to make a pot, and now you have to start your day empty-handed and officially HANGRY!

You need a way to SOLVE HANGRY FAST!

Say Goodbye to Hanger

Due to flaring tempers and snappy comments, you need a solution that will solve your hanger fast. People face these critical situations every day, and to no avail, they aimlessly waltz into the store and overindulge.

Hanger can get the best of you, and after you accidentally overfeed the beast, it is time for a nap. (We have a solution for that too!)

Solving hangry fast means you need a product that will keep you feeling full, focused, and on your feet!

The one-can solution for keeping the hanger pains at bay and productivity at full speed

With Thunder CoffeeMilk, you have everything you need to feel satiated in between meals with nothing but pure, clean energy.

A Cleaner Pick-Me-Up

Isn’t it ironic how energy drinks seem to do the opposite of their intended purpose? Most people suck down a can of preservative-filled chemical wonder and feel almost no effect! Don’t forget the concerning list of ingredients compromised of more words than we know how to pronounce. Thunder CoffeeMilk consists of just FIVE easy-to-pronounce ingredients packed inside our signature cans.

  • Whole milk
  • Sugar
  • Cold Brewed Coffee
  • Natural flavor
  • Coffee

After your first can of Thunder CoffeeMilk, you will bring the thunder to any challenge that stands in your way! See ya later, afternoon slumps! Using such wholesome ingredients means you will be able to avoid the severe crashes that often accompany energy drinks. Thunder CoffeeMilk also does not come with horrific jitters that often induce its form of restless leg syndrome. Consider this a clean way to solve hangry fast!

Save Time,
Solve Hangry

Ever find yourself without the time to stop for a meal, but you need something to keep you going? There is just never enough time in the day. Thunder CoffeeMilk is an excellent substitute for those moments when you are stuck on the go with no time to stop. Hanger does tend to creep up on you when you least expect it. When the stomach starts to growl, Thunder CoffeeMilk is a quick fix for solving hangry until the next meal.

Sustainability Meets Creativity

As a company led by dairy farmers, we must continue to support the needs of our shifting world. We decided to face the realities of our world head-on by tackling the first issue of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

All of Thunder CoffeeMilk’s coffee is sourced under fair trade and sustainable practices to continue placing ethics over profits. Additionally, all of our cans are 100% recyclable!

Versatility in a Can

Whether you are hitting the road, heading to the gym, or taking a study break, Thunder CoffeeMilk is flexible. Not only is Thunder CoffeeMilk great for almost any occasion, but it even works in delicious recipes!

Mix it, sip it, stir it, bake it, and most of all, Solve Hangry Fast!

Authentic In and Out of the Can

The idea for Thunder CoffeeMilk sprouted in the plains of ‘Straya and was raised in the pastures of Florida.

Thunder CoffeeMilk is the best way to taste one of Australia’s most beloved drinks while supporting an American small business. In today’s complex branding, many businesses miss out on raising a culture of authenticity within their organization.

Our founders, Dave and Ed, create an authentic product that solves hanger and shares Australian culture in one can.


Ready to Solve HangrY?

The hanger crisis can only be solved with one trusted solution: Thunder CoffeeMilk!

We offer three different flavors to choose from or treat yourself to a variety pack and try them all! Keep bringing the Thunder and solve hanger for good with a subscription that will keep the CoffeeMilk flowing!