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Helping You Defeat Hangry – One Delicious Can at a Time! 


Be Likeable Again

So many of us have experienced this before.  We bite the heads off of our favorite people.  Just because we were a little low on blood sugar.

Never again!  Be likeable.  Remind your bestie of your humanity… when you feel Hangry poking you… sweetly, kick it in the teeth with a Thunder CoffeeMilk!

We can’t guarantee you will not be a jerk to an unsuspecting victim. But we CAN guarantee, you’ll enjoy drinking Thunder CoffeeMilk much better than a soda or candybar.   If you’re not satisfied… we’ll make it right!

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  And remember, shipping is ALWAYS free!

Why can’t you find a convenient source of energy in the middle of the day? Thunder CoffeeMilk has your answer!

Everyone knows how bad the afternoon slumps can attack! You need energy, but don’t want to drink another chemical-filled soda with ingredients you can’t pronounce. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition for a quick boost of convenient energy. Thunder CoffeeMilk was founded by dairy farmers with combined 50 years of first hand experience seeing the benefits of quality cow’s milk. Fair Trade Coffee, and wholesome milk are the core of Thunder CoffeeMilk. So you can feel great about drinking a convenient energy boost, while avoiding sketchy soda products that have more chemicals ingredients than you can count or pronounce.

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