THUNDER Australian Style CoffeeMilk is a refreshing blend of creamy, wholesome milk with 100% shade-grown Arabica coffee from the North Coast of Haiti.
real Ingredients
Tastes real good

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It's so easy to order
  • Step 1 - Choose the varieties and numbers of packs to suit your houshehold
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...and we'll deliver your THUNDER CoffeeMilk
to your door 
(Shipping is FREE)
What is Australian Style?

Beginning with rich milk, Australian Style CoffeeMilks are never watered down like typical iced coffees.

Australian style but proudly 
US Made.
Solve Hungry-Thirsty Fast

Nutricious and energizing, Thunder CoffeeMilk puts a spring back in your step.
Made with Fair Trade Coffee

We proudly use Alltech Cafe Citadelle 100% Shade-Grown Arabica coffee supporting education and local economic empowerment in Haiti.
Thunder CoffeeMilk shipped direct to your door without refrigeration.
We’ve accomplished this through a process called retort. It is kind of like pressure cooking your vegetables. Retort has been around for years and many, many products on the shelf are retort processed.
Thunder coffeemilk is “shelf-stable” because of terrific technology of the retort process allowing Thunder a life without preservatives and without refrigeration…think sustainability. Less refrigeration, longer shelf life, less spoilage, less food waste are all good reasons to have it on your shelf.
A fantastic product at your door. We like our Thunder coffeemilk served chilled. But you can serve it however you like it best. And try it as an ingredient in your oatmeal, ice cream, smoothie, etc. Thunder coffeemilk is a healthy beverage that has real taste and brings satisfaction to your appetite any time of day.
...and we'll deliver your THUNDER CoffeeMilk
to your door 
(Shipping is FREE)
About the Founders
The Temple Family
Dave Temple is a second generation dairy farmer who grew up in Queensland , Australia. While at University he had the opportunity to spend six months on a dairy farm in Florida and so began his love of the USA. Due to some changes in the dairy industry back in Australia, Dave moved to Florida to pursue his dream of dairy farming. He loved so many things about the states - the friendly people, the great roads (and great pick up trucks) - but there were a few things he missed from home.

One of those things was Australian Style Coffee Milk. Super popular in Australia but unavailable in the US. It started Dave thinking that there must be a way to bring his beloved Coffee Milk to the US so that everyone could enjoy it. So he started to come up with a plan.

A complication to this plan was Dave's lovely wife Gina. Gina is a veterinarian who works closely with the dairy. She is a coffee milk fan but she is also a bit of a coffee 'snob'. She only likes the highest quality coffee that is fair trade and sustainable produced. So that determined the coffee that would be used in the Australian Style Coffee Milk.

The Henderson Family
The Henderson's are multi-generation dairy farmers. Ed's dad, and his dad and grandfather used to bottle and sell milk directly to the consumer in Ohio. They loved that they had complete control over the quality of the product that their customers were enjoying. 
Now love can change plans and Ed's dad followed Ed's mom to Florida. They have been dairy farming a lifetime together with family taking care of their cows. Today, the farm continues with Ed. his father, his sister, his two brothers and their families. And the next generation taking on the historic challenge.
But they have always missed that close connection that they had with their customers in Ohio and have been looking for an opportunity to tell their story and communicate directly with the public again. Plain milk has become a supermarket commodity so they needed to find a product with a difference.
       The Partnership
For over twenty years Ed and Dave have become great friends through their love of dairy farming. They have spent a lot of time together over the years. It seems like it was inevitable that their two different backgrounds would make them the perfect partners to develop Australian Style Coffee Milk and to bring it to the US public.
...and we'll deliver your THUNDER CoffeeMilk
to your door 
(Shipping is FREE)
Our Bottles Are A Stepping Stone
Our pre launch bottles will be made of glass.  We are currently working towards using aluminum bottles which will be even more environmentally friendly.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
  •  Absolutely!  If you don't love our CoffeeMilk for any reason let us know and we will give you a 100% refund.
  • How will my CoffeeMilk keep its flavor during shipping?
  •  We use a process called retort.  There is more information on this above.
  • ​Any other Questions??
  •  We're happy to answer your questions via the email below
Due to the environmental impact of expedited shipping we will not be offering it to our customers. The method of shipping that we choose is the most efficient and environmentally friendly.
...and we'll deliver your THUNDER CoffeeMilk
to your door
(Shipping is FREE)
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