Whole Milk: The Real Difference

We use Real Whole Milk in Thunder Coffeemilk.  There are mainly two reasons: better taste and improved nutrition.  Whole milk has gotten a bad rap for a number of years because of the fat level.  We need to talk a bit about the real deal in whole milk and fat.

But first, let’s talk about taste.  Whole milk brings the finest in a sweet creamy flavor.  We’ve eliminated all the added chemicals and difficult to say ingredients.  We’re just about real natural and real good ingredients.  In the end, we wind up with a product that tastes really good… Who knew, real good ingredients would make a really good product.

One of the benefits of using whole milk, besides its superior flavor, is it brings high-quality nutrition to the table.  Whole milk gets that title because it has 3.25% fat.  The other varieties of milk are classified based on their level of fat: 2% (you guessed correctly…2% fat), skim milk 1% fat, and then fat-free.  Our cows generally are producing 3.5% fat or more.  So even whole milk is reduced fat. 

So is this fat level in whole milk good or bad?  A few items to consider:

  • Reducing the fat content also removes some the fat-soluble vitamins: Vit A, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K.  Some reduced-fat milks refortify their milk with Vitamin A and all milk is fortified with Vitamin D.  But because these vitamins are fat-soluble, reducing fat reduces these vitamins.
  • The whole milk is directly related to reduced weight gain.  This is because there is a satiation effect.  Drinking whole milk has a hunger-satisfying ability that stops your hunger graving.  So you eat less.
  • From systematic reviews, dairy fat consumption appears protective against metabolic disorders.
  • There are cohort reviewed studies showing dairy fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  The question was asked of the study, “What if dairy fat intake is associated with other factors related to cardiovascular risk such as BMI/obesity?”  For example, maybe slim and metabolically healthy people drink whole milk, but overweight individuals choose skim milk to try to lower their caloric intake.

In other words; maybe whole milk drinkers are generally healthier and this is what causes the reduced risk factors.  If you’re interested in more nutrition info on whole milk, check out: https://www.todaysdietitian.com/news/exclusive0912.shtml;



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