Brewed with milk. not water. Rich. Creamy. Indulgent.

Bring The

It’s not just coffee. It’s all-natural cold-brew coffee. And it’s delicious, flavorful, and smooth.

Plus, it comes with convenient FREE delivery right to your door; No more excuses for being too tired to bring the thunder!

A Cleaner Pick-Me-Up




Preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors, or artificial flavors

incredible flavors: mocha, vanilla, and doubleshot

grams of protein


We KNOW THAT you’ll like the taste. 100% money-back guarantee!

 OUR 11oz. SMOOTH COLD BREW (12 pack)

doubleshot thunder coffeemilk

Thunder CoffeeMilk Doubleshot

Featuring a strong coffee flavor with an extra dose of “get up and go.”

mocha thunder coffeemilk

Thunder CoffeeMilk

A blend of rich coffee, creamy milk, and a touch of decadent chocolate.

vanilla thunder coffeemilk

Thunder Coffeemilk Vanilla

Smooth, creamy, and just the right level of sweetness, this flavor has the least taste of coffee.

welcome to the world of COFFEEMILK

A smooth and delicious blend of ingredients that provides an unbeatable energy boost.

Our iced coffee contains just five natural ingredients – lactose-free whole milk, sugar, cold-brewed coffee, natural flavor, and coffee.

The result is a healthful energy boost that chemical-filled energy drinks simply can’t provide.

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“It tastes better than regular cold brew coffee. As a cop who works night shift this will definitely be added to my shift routine to help keep me awake!”
– Rebecca B.

“Creamy & delicious!! Drank the whole thing in less than 3 minutes! LOL ”
– Sarah C.

“A smooth and crisp coffee taste with no bad aftertaste.”
– Ryan H.

“I’m not sure how to explain it but it’s 100% better than Starbucks.”
– James H.

“Amazing quality and taste!! Loved the Vanilla Thundermilk! Need this in more stores!!! Keep up the amazing work!! ”
– Emily C.

thunder coffeemilk - great taste in every sip
coffeemilk - try them all

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tASTE them all!

Something for Everyone in Our Variety Pack

4 of each flavor. 

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Message from our owners:

We tasted everyting else on the market.. and it sucked!

Australian Coffee That Packs The Thunder

We guarantee Thunder Coffeemilk will hit the spot every time.

Thunder Coffeemilk is unlike any other drink out there because we took a different approach to coffee. As a company led by dairy farmers, our passion for dairy farming became source of our solution to deliver an authentic coffee-drinking experience.  

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