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A Smooth Cold Brew that’s Never Bitter

Our careful blend of cold-brew coffee makes a drink that’s delicious, flavorful, and smooth. It’s the perfect way to combat afternoon slumps without the jittery effect of chemical-laden drinks. In addition, Thunder CoffeeMilk offers convenient delivery of cold drinks right to your door. Consequently, it’s never been easier to have a nutritious pick-me-up within reach.


coffeemilk smooth cold brew thats never bitter
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Trustworthy Ingredients in Every Bottle of Thunder CoffeeMilk

Not only does Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk contain natural ingredients, it’s a wonderful source of nutrients. Featuring 9 grams of protein in every bottle, it’s a great alternative to sketchy soda products. Furthermore, Thunder CoffeeMilk isn’t laden with empty calories that other coffee drinks contain.

Bring the Thunder Everywhere You Go

Because of its nutritional ingredients, Thunder CoffeeMilk is one of the most effective ways to conquer hanger. Instead of loading up on lots of chemicals that cause you to crash and burn, this drink is wholesome. Its five natural ingredients make you feel full, focused, and on your feet. There’s no better way to fuel up for a productive day.

A Nutritional Pick-Me-Up

Although it’s perfectly natural to crave a pick-me-up when you’re working hard, it’s important to make a healthy choice. Candy bars, sodas, and chemical-laden energy drinks cause you to crash and burn. That’s not the case with Thunder CoffeeMilk, which is made with only five natural ingredients. As a result, when you fuel up with authentic Australian coffeemilk, you can avoid the exhaustion associated with chemical additives and test tube ingredients.

A Drink That’s Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

Unlike the vast array of other energy drinks, Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk is made to support the needs of our shifting world. Not only is our coffee made under fair trade and sustainable practices profits, it comes in 100% recyclable cans. Consequently, it’s a purchase you can be proud to support.

Thunder CoffeeMilk

Get CoffeeMilk Delivered to Your Door!

Thunder CoffeeMilk is the most convenient coffee snack on the planet. We can ship it right to your door. It can be stored safely at room temperature because of a special pasteurization process there are no preservatives. When you’re ready to drink it, pour it over ice, or chill in a fridge and enjoy the smooth rich wholesome energy boost to kill the slumps.

Nutrition Facts

Try a few of our fun recipes that you can make with Thunder CoffeeMilk!


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10 Grams of Protein in Every Bottle

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Coffeemilk – What’s That?!

“Coffeemilk—what’s that?” We get that question all the time, and we’re more than happy to answer! A delicious drink made with coffee extract and milk, this caffeine-rich concoction is all the rage in Australia.

Authentic Australian Coffeemilk Comes Stateside

Upon moving to the United States to pursue his dream of dairy farming, founder Dave Temple realized his favorite drink was nowhere to be found. As a result, he and fellow dairy farmer Ed Henderson devised a plan to introduce the wholesome goodness of coffeemilk to America.

Of course, it helps that both Dave and Ed use lactose-free whole milk to create this distinctive drink. In addition, Dave’s lovely wife Gina holds Thunder CoffeeMilk to the highest standard and insists it is brewed with quality coffee. The result is a drink that’s uniquely delicious and nutritious.

coffeemilk natural flavorful easy

A Flavorful Change of Pace

Have you been in a rut with your daily routine? We have the solution for you to SOLVE HANGRY FAST. Thunder CoffeeMilk is not just a powerful energy boost—it’s a tasty way to bring variety to your life.

Naturally, a critical part to crafting the best brew of coffemilk is the choice of ingredients. To begin with, we use only the highest quality coffee that is fair trade and sustainably produced. Next, we add wholesome lactose-free milk with sugar and natural flavor. This flavorful blend of five natural ingredients produces the authentic Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk now popular in the United States.

Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk Is Portable and Versatile

With its free delivery, it’s easy to grab a can of Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk when you’re rushing out the door. Regardless of whether you take it before going to work, heading for the gym, or catching a flight, it’s easy to enjoy a delicious coffee drink on your daily round.

Not only that, but this coffeemilk is a flavorful addition to baked goods. Pudding, energy balls, and cake—there are so many ways to enjoy this remarkable flavor. Whether you’re on the road or at home,, it’s easy to integrate Australian Thunder CoffeeMilk into your busy life.

Easy to Find and Simple to Stock Up

If you want to grab some coffeemilk while you’re out and about, you’re in luck. Thunder CoffeeMilk’s partnership with select 7-Eleven locations throughout Florida makes it easy to grab a bottle when you’re on the go.

Do you work from home? No worries! With free shipping on all orders, you can get a supply of cold-brew coffee delivered to your door.

Thunder CoffeeMilk Delivered Free in a Few Clicks

Is there anything worse than when you wake up and have zero energy to start the day? Well, we have a solution for you. Because we offer free shipping, you can get a delivery of Thunder CoffeeMilk straight to your door. Thanks to a special pasteurization process, your favorite energy drink can be stored at room temperature. When you need a boost, simply pour your coffeemilk over some ice and you are good to go.

A smooth, rich, wholesome energy boost that doesn’t require any prep time at all—no wonder Thunder CoffeeMilk gets such an enthusiastic reception! And if you try a flavor and don’t love it, no worries! We will send you a new flavor or give your money back…no questions asked!

Three Flavors of Authentic Australian Thunder Coffeemilk

Unquestionably, there are flavors of coffeemilk for every taste sensibility.

For unabashed java-lovers, Doubleshot Thunder CoffeeMilk is the way to go. Made with wholesome cow’s milk, real sugar, and cold-brewed coffee, it’s smooth without being overpowering. Moreover, it’s a great alternative to the fake burnt taste that spoils so many other coffee drinks.

Or find Thunder CoffeeMilk Doubleshot at your favorite online retailers:

Thunder CoffeeMilk Mocha is a great favorite for chocoholics.
Blending the rich taste of coffee with the perfect touch of rich chocolate, this flavor is a decadent reward for a busy day.

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Smooth and creamy with just the perfect touch of sweetness, Vanilla Thunder CoffeeMilk is a delicious alternative to strong java flavor.
It’s a great way to get a smooth, subtle energy boost.

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By all means, don’t deprive yourself of a single flavor if you like to mix things up! Thunder CoffeeMilk also comes in a Variety 12-Pack that ships free to your door!